Warning: OS X Yosemite uses Core Storage for partitions

Core StorageMany users around the net have been realizing after installing the OS X Yosemite beta the partitions on their hard drive were converted to Logical Volumes. I’m not entirely sure why Apple chose to do this, but it makes resizing and deleting partitions on the fly 10x harder! I haven’t found a good solution as of this writing, but make sure you are aware of this!

Apple introduced “Core Storage” with the release of OS X 10.7 Lion. All Fusion drives use Core Storage. A Fusion drive is pretty much just an SSD and traditional spinning hard drive combined into one logical drive. Normally these drives would show up separately, but with the help of Core Storage, they can be turned into one logical volume. It’s possible to create your own Fusion Drive with a separate SSD and HDD by using Core Storage. There are a few tutorials around the web that can help with this. I’ve created 3 of my own “Fusion Drives” using these guides.

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  1. Core Storage is also used for FileVault 2. I read somewhere (and I came across your post while I was trying to find it again) that Core Storage has some advantages, and that’s why they opted to turn it on for certain computers. It sounded like they don’t do that for some computers that don’t support some hardware optimization features. I can’t remember what those advantages are and I’m having trouble finding that article again.

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